Writing in Rock (& Water) [Scroll down for more posts]



Geology (and geophysics and hydrogeology) are foundational sciences, touching all parts of society: economics, demographics, history, politics, law, engineering, medicine, and others.

Don’t believe me? Come on this journey with me and discover the many ways in which we are rooted in the rock beneath our feet. The treks themselves will be rooted in the heart of the North American Craton, in Illinois. Geology is, after all, the art (and science) of learning the language that the earth etches as it rumbles and tumbles through time and space.

I hope this blog will serve as illustrated annals of the earth, revealing the writing geo-scientists try to read in rock (& water). I hope it will bring to light some of the more fascinating histories that have been “written” into the earth. Some of these are subtle. Some are deceitful. Some have been whittled away by wind and water. Some are black and white as a newspaper.

Enjoy the reading.


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