The Quiet of the Aging (A Sonnet of Illinois Geology)

Last week, the Wisconsin Geological Survey put out this tweet:


I present a sonnet of Illinois geology and geophysics. Enjoy!

(And not to play favorites or anything, but I am an alum of UW’s Nelson Institute – On Wisconsin!)

The Quiet of the Aging

The quiet of the aging drifts
And waters lie like melting snow
Above the fabricated rifts
A basin brimmed, a creased tableau.
And here, Noach’an northern floods
Come lapping, waves across the plains.
They bruise the earth, primordial muds
And loess and dust bear life in grains.
And hear! She hums her days to you
Her years in eddied energy
And bowed by moments, old and new
A second is a century.
With heightened sense and implement
Foundations glance the firmament.



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